Friday, October 7, 2011

To Occupy is to first engage the attention or energies of: the People, the Government, the Corporations, [add whom you'd like to reach here]

Occupy... when you do a Google search for the definition this is what you get :

There is a movement happening in this country that the media pundits feel is laking focus or a singular defined purpose. I ask you, How can it? 

The profound obstacles that face the millions of unemployed, newly graduated, underemployed, underprivileged, uninsured and undereducated are too numerous to address in one sentence.  There are growing amounts of energy and a seemingly deep desire to act upon their frustration and the Occupy movement is offering a voice to those who have not had one. 

 Occupy Wall Street from my point of view is about the once complacent who are finally waking up from their slumber from digital device distraction and expressing their frustrations openly to those who've tried to pacify them. They will find the one singular thread that connects them... their true desire for positive social and financial CHANGE. Real, significant change not the facade of promises we have endured for years that have allowed for us to get here. 

Maybe complacency is over. Let the voices gather, share their hardships and successes, make connections between the dots, let them get louder and more unified. Let them move beyond voicing complaints to organizing behind true workable solutions. Action is the simplest answer to getting what you want. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Great working relationships

I just had one of the most uplifting conversations with a like spirited, kind-hearted friend of mine and also a very talented Popper. It's nice to have people around you who really understand your intent because they share it with you. Having an implicit understanding for one another is what makes us a great creative team.  

Candido "Dido Fresh" Rodriguez: Popper in 2010

For the Red Chair Project Dance Series 2011

Left to right: Ron "Prizm" Coll:  Breaker, Candido "Dido Fresh" Rodriguez: Popper, Heps Fury: Breaker

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's been well over a year since I last posted here. Keep a look out as I try to focus the currently scattered online extension of my dichotomous-self. Please bare with me.

More soon,

Tammy/Tamara Krivanek [aka anordinarygirl] 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Snap! Orlando Opening

Just a quick note: The Snap! opening at City Arts Factory was a great success. If you weren't able to make it last night there will be plenty of opportunities today and this weekend. For more information follow these links:

More details to come soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Tammy

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doing what drives you is the best way to move forward reguardless of what others say...only you know what is best. So trust yourself.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Testing out blogger text posting...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Autonomy or Automaton?

I've been hearing the word "automaton" a lot lately when a person is describing our future as humans, but more in the "we're not automatons" sense, a projection of where our species is heading. If you aren't sure what an "automaton" is here are two definitions:

Princeton's Wordnet:
Automaton: Noun S: (n) automaton, zombi, zombie (someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way) "only an automaton wouldn't have noticed" S: (n) automaton, robot, golem (a mechanism that can move automatically)

Oxford English Dictionary:
noun (pl. automata /awtommt/ or automatons) 1 a moving mechanical device resembling a human being. 2 a machine which operates according to coded instructions.

I'd like to contrast this word with one that we would prefer to use to describe our species; Autonomous:

Princeton's Wordnet:
Autonomous: Adjective S: (adj) autonomous, independent, self-governing, sovereign ((of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces) S: (adj) autonomous (existing as an independent entity) S: (adj) autonomous, self-directed, self-reliant ((of persons) free from external control and constraint in e.g. action and judgment)

Oxford English Dictionary:
Autonomous: adjective self-governing or independent.

In some parts of the day we are automatons for our jobs or in our routines. Carrying out the will and wants of others in order to have our autonomy when we have free time. It is inevitable that we relinquish some of our freedoms to get others. Many suffer moral and personal dilemmas when faced with this conflicting truth.

On their own each is an extreme state. Extremes are very difficult to manage in and of themselves.

How do we work to find resolve or balance in a system that likes to spout off extreme ideals of freedom yet the way to get it is to work hard for someone else; independently employed or not? We will always have to give a little of ourselves to get a little of what we want. It's a barter system, though not always an equitable one - unless we negotiate wisely. It's up to us to be assertive enough to ask for what we need and want and to be realistic/pragmatic about the outcome.

That term itself: assertive is one that also causes confusion. It did for me. I always thought that being "assertive' meant being ego-driven, arrogant and aggressive at the expense of another. That definition never suited my personality. Here are the common definitions of assertiveness from a simple Internet search:

Definitions today have changed to a more positive view. I would say because being assertive does not mean you have to be aggressive, i.e. being mean.

Some new ways of defining assertiveness:

How does being assertive resolve the conflict created by the dichotomy of being an automaton and having autonomy? I may have mentioned my solution above: through negotiation, give and take, bartering, maintaining a realistic/pragmatic view of the situation... you need two additional things to achieve this: accurate information and the willingness to take perspective. Insight is important too but that is another post.

How does this all work together? By allowing yourself to be rational in making the decision and expressing emotion through assertive action you can balance the extremes of having autonomy and not being an automaton. We have to have both and it's okay, as long as you know where it all comes from in your life and you can find comfort in balancing it.

Apathy through constant distraction is dangerous, so is extremism. The future of our species will only suffer if we don't learn how to balance ourselves.

Just a little of what's working in my brain. Did it trigger anything in yours? Please share...

~ Tammy, anordinarygirl